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GREEK POLLUTION CONTROL ENGINEERING COMPANY (GPCE) is activating in the Design, Construction and Commissioning of industrial installations, mainly in the sectors of environment protection, handling-transportation-storage of solids, powder technologies and energy saving.

GPCE is distinguished by its experience in industrial projects design and construction as well as in special design of mechanical and unit operations equipment.
Additionally GPCE is the agent of DONALDSON DCE-TORIT in Greece, a pioneer company in filters manufacturing.

Services - Activities:

  • Services at all stages of a project (project management, conceptual design, feasibility study, detailed design, commissioning, documentation, staff training and documentation) in the following fields:
    • Industrial Projects in the field of Bulk Solids (ores, minerals, paints, plastics, etc.) Handling and Powder technology
    • Pollution control projets
    • Industrial Projects in the field of Heating-Cooling
    • Industrial ventilation
  • Equipment Design and Construction:
    • Cyclones
    • Venturies and packed bed scrubbers
    • Bag filters
    • Biofilters and Activated carbon filter’s equipment
    • Liquid mixers
    • Bulk solids transporting (belt and screw conveyors, rotary feeders)
    • Samplers and sampling systems


After hot comissioning, we delivered the project “TANK FARM for chemicals” of the Co. GIORMANIS B. Ltd. in Aspropyrgos Attikis, for which our Co undertook the design, the procedures for granding the permits from...