Industrial Ventilation – Dust Collection

GPCE has proven to be particularly active and experienced in the field of integrated design and construction of dust collection and industrial ventilation systems.

GPCE combines experience with innovation by applying the latest dust collection filter technologies. Our firm is entrusted with the representation of filter manufacturing companies with which we cooperate closely and maintain contacts.

The reliability of our services in this field and the long-term benefit to our clients is one of our essential design criteria. Our firm handles complex projects completely in-house by using an integrated approach. We attach great importance to offering solutions that meet our clients special demands, by analyzing their specific problems and suggesting optimal state-of-the-art solutions. Our proposals depend on the application, each time defined by dust properties and concentrations.



Dust control system in betonite loading plant “S&B INDUSTRIAL MINERALS S.A.”


During the loading-unloading of bulk materials, dust control is needed and GPCE proposes the Flex-Flap system on the top of the material feeding hoppers. This system, which is designed according to our know-how, results to the limitation of the required air flow in the dust control equipment.








Dust control of falling from conveyor belt “S&B INDUSTRIAL MINERALS S.A.”


Installation of a dust collection unit at the plant of latterite beneficiation of Larco G.M & M.S.A. at Politika, Evia"

GPCE is the Greek agency of DONALDSON Torit DCE which is the leader Company in the dust control field.

More information about the agency in Greece: here