Gaseous Pollutants and Odors Removal

liosiaMany industrial processes and operations emit gaseous pollutants containing sometimes dust. Emission control is necessary in order to ensure the protection of personnel, equipment and environment.

GPCE combines an over 20 years experience with innovations by applying the latest technology for emission control containing pollutants such as dust, aerosols, gaseous pollutants and odors.
This makes GPCE pioneer in Greece in the field of air pollution control.


Our aim is the CLEAN AIR!

We are proud to present a selection list of well-tested solutions as well as some of the clients who trusted us:

  • Composting gases scrubbing in MSW at Liossia:

Services: Basic-detailed engineering, project management, site supervision, commissioning, documentation.
Site: Liossia
Time Frame: 2002-2004
Technical data: Twelve (12) scrubbing modules for composting gases odor control, total 480.000 m3/h air, containing ammonia, sulfides and chlorine.


  • Emission control of hospital wastes incineration
    Services: Construction - installation of bag filters and ash transporting and storage system
    Client: TOMI
    Site: Liossia
    Time Frame: 1999-2001
    Technical Data: Bag filter capacity:
    Collected medium: Calcium and active carbon
    Details: Lime and active carbon are used in filtration to absorb toxic air pollutants contained in gases
  • Emission control of industrial ore drying unit
    Services: Design - installation of a Ventouri scrubber
    Client: “OTAVI S.A”
    Site: Milos island
    Time Frame: 1994
    Technical Data: Ventouri scrubber capacity: 30.000 Nm3/h
  • Odor control of olive dryer plant
    Services: Design - installation of Ventouri scrubber and scrubbing wastes recirculation-cooling prosess
    Site: Preveza
    Time Frame: 1999-2001


  • Pollutant removal from gases coming from CUPOLA chimneys into VENTOURI Scrubber
    Services: Design - installation of Ventouri scrubber
    Client: Greek Foundries
    Site: Thiva.img002
  • HCl removal from air stream.
    Services: Design and construction of a Scrubber washing air with HCl, during truck loading with HCl solution
    Site: Thessaloniki.