Bulk Material Handling – Powder Technology


Perlite Processing Plant of S&B Industrial Minerals (2014)

GPCE is proud to have offered quality services in design and construction of most industrial perlite and betonite treatment and handling units in Milos Island.

Over the last 20 years GPCE has forged lasting relations with trusted partners and clients such as S&B ORES MINING Co S.A., MYCOBAR S.A., OTAVI S.A. delivering services that exceed their expectations and contribute essentially to their development.

Among other companies that have entrusted GPCE to help them reach their goals by producing technical results of professional quality:

    (Design and site inspection of Laterite crushing-screening unit , Ag. Ioannis, Thiva)
  • LAVA S.A - AGET HERAKLES daughter company
    (Grinding-separation unit of siliceous sand producing 325 mesh product)

GPCE's expertise extends in design and construction of complete plants for treating and handling industrial ores including storage facilities by using available know-how in the following unit operations:


  • Solid Storage
    Solid storage in SILOS including necessary loading and unloading equipment, is performed efficiently without the usual problems of bridges, segregation, and fluidization.

External view of new warehouse for processed bentonite (total capacity 40.000 tns) S&B INDUSTRIAL MINERALS Co S.A (2011)




New silos are loaded with the travelling tripper conveyor (2011)



Layout system for silos unloading with remote control.(2011)


  • Crushing-Grinding
    Our experience and close contact with equipment manufacturing firms, guarantees the optimal mill and crusher selection with the performance of necessary tests.

Perlite Ore grinding-screening plant. “S&B ORES INDUSTRIAL MINERALS Co S.A.” (2003)


  • Size Separation
    We have in our disposal data of screening and pneumatic separation applications that ensure the selection of optimal performance sizing equipment.
  • Drying
    We dispose simulation programs of drying processes using energy-mass balances and kinetic data from various dryer types such as rotating and fluidized bed. The above data allow size and operational conditions selection in order to achieve the minimum installation and operation cost.

Ours know-how technology drier (2012)


  • Bulk solid transporting
    Design and detailed engineering drawings of:
    • Conveyor belts
    • Screw-conveyor
    • Rotary air-locks
    • Pneumatic conveyance systems

    Techno economical selection of:

    • Elevators
    • Electromagnetic feeders



Conveyor belts for loading Perlite SILOS S&B Industrial Minerals SA (2003)



Conveyor Belts Betonite Warehouse's of S&B Industrial Minerals SA (2011).


  • Ship Loading.
    We have install ship loading bridges for bulk bentonite and perlite at Milos Island.

photo1A photo2α photo26α

  • Samplers-Sampling systems
    Samplers and sampling systems in solids transporting have been designed and installed by GPCE for S&B ORES MINING Co S.A., OTAVI S.A. and LARCO GENERAL MINING & METALLURGICAL Co. S.A facilities.

Sampling system "G.M.M. S.A LARKO" (2001)